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Cool Down 2 and Warm Up 2: Ducati's new products in the technical base layer sector

  • Ducati presents new product lines of technical base layer garments designed in collaboration with Aquafil, a leading company in the sector
  • The garments are made with Dryarn®, an innovative microfibre that guarantees optimal breathability and keeps the body always dry and at the correct temperature in both the hottest and the most rigid climates

Borgo Panigale (Bologna, Italy), 23 June 2022 - Ducati presents the new Cool Down 2 and Warm Up 2 technical base layer product lines. Created in collaboration with Aquafil, a global leader in the production of synthetic fibres, the lines consist of products designed to be worn under jackets, trousers or helmets to increase the rider's thermal comfort. The garments of the Ducati technical base layer collection are made of lightweight fabric and created without seams in order to eliminate irritation and discomfort from rubbing.

The products of the Cool Down 2 and Warm Up 2 lines are made with Dryarn®, an innovative microfibre born from the tradition and experience of Aquafil. In addition to being the lightest fibre existing in nature, Dryarn® is water repellent, breathable, bacteriostatic and dermatologically tested. Thanks to its low specific weight, this microfibre makes it possible to produce extremely light garments, while maintaining the thermal insulation capacity. The same product made of Dryarn® can weigh -32% compared to the wool equivalent and -34% compared to the equivalent polyester garment.

As the latest generation Activewear garments, the new Ducati collection stands out for its breathability and thermoregulation. Excellent breathability is guaranteed by the differentiated fabric structure, which absorbs excess moisture, prevents sweat from flowing and causes it to evaporate, eliminating it completely, to always leave the skin dry. Thermoregulation is ensured by the Dryarn® microfibre structure, which creates a breathable barrier while maintaining the correct microclimate of the body.

The Cool Down 2 line, designed for sporty use on the track or on the road, includes items which have cooling, anti-sweat and anti-odour properties. The Cool Down 2 line is made up of garments designed specifically for motorcycle use, ideal for enjoying every curve even on the hottest days. Among the items in the line are technical t-shirts (long, short or sleeveless), balaclavas and technical socks.

The technical t-shirts, designed by Drudi Performance, combine an attractive design with excellent performance in terms of lightness, elasticity and breathability. They are equipped with areas with a new large-mesh construction to optimize body transpiration and eliminate excess heat in the areas of greatest perspiration.
The new Cool Down 2 balaclava by Drudi Performance is ideal for hot climates and summer seasons. It is equipped with highly breathable micro-mesh zones that regulate the temperature and allow you to stay dry while guaranteeing excellent technical comfort and high breathability.
The tech socks make breathability and freshness their strong points. The selected materials, in addition to ensuring good thermal comfort and perfect expulsion of sweat even on the hottest days, ensure comfort and feeling while riding, thanks to the reinforced areas with a specific design for motorcycle use.

The Warm Up 2 line, designed for sport-touring and road use, includes items that are the ideal allies for enjoying every ride to the fullest and not giving up on fun and riding pleasure even when the temperatures get colder. The collection includes long-sleeve thermal t-shirt and pants, balaclava and thermal socks.

The long-sleeve technical t-shirt and thermal pants, by Drudi Performance, represent an ideal combination of comfort, elasticity and breathability. They are equipped with areas with a new large-mesh construction, which optimize body transpiration and eliminate excess heat in the areas of greatest perspiration. The high-quality fibres of these garments guarantee thermal insulation towards the outside, absorbing moisture and sweat before they touch the skin.
The modern and functional Warm Up 2 balaclava is a perfect travel companion on the coldest days. The optimized design protects the neck, temples and chin from the wind and, combined with the performance of the Dryarn® fibre, hinders the dispersion of heat and insulates from the outside.
The tech socks are designed to guarantee the best thermal comfort even at the coldest temperatures. The composition of the foot in merino wool guarantees warmth and breathability. The optimized design features strengthened zones, with a specific design for motorcycle use.

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