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Service / Repair Center

We have a large fully equipped workshop capable of all types of work including servicing, repairs, insurance work, Mots, race set up suspension work, etc. 

The workshop houses a vast array of tools specific to Ducati and Aprilia. We also cater to all Japanese models.

Our factory trained technicians have the experience and technical ability to ensure your pride and joy is in safe hands.
Whether you want a straightforward tyre change or oil and filter service through to suspension and chassis set up or engine building, whatever your needs we are confident we can help, please call Peter or Scott to discuss your requirements 01708 763360.

Nitrogen Tyre Refills only £2.00 per tyre

Many benefits especially for faster riders Nitrogen reduces the running temperature of the tyre. The moisture content of nitrogen leads to a cooler running tyre, which is advantageous when the motorcycle is operating at its maximum load and speed capacity.

Nitrogen in tyres improves the ride quality. That gas is very slightly lighter than air and thus, benefits the tires in terms of un-sprung weight.

Nitrogen increases tyre life. It reduces the operating temperature during times of load and speed and thus, enhances the life of a tyre.

Nitrogen keeps tyre pressures more constant. The gas provides a more stable pressure range in connection to the tyre temperature. However, again, the factor is applicable in times of heavy load/high-speed conditions.

Tyres are susceptible to loss of pressure as a result of being porous in nature. Due to its chemical structure, Nitrogen leaks out slowly as compared to compressed air. Therefore, it slows the rate of pressure loss.

Oxygen reacts with the tyre and rim materials causing oxidation or the rust formation in the metal parts. Nitrogen, being an inert gas, does not react with the tyre and rim materials.